Quality guarantee unit

Aims and activities of the unit of quality guarantee:

  • Evaluating the performance and effectiveness of system is used as a tool for managing quality and identifying points of possible improvement.
  • Establishing an organized and effective system that can make use of problem-solving methods such as recognizing the problem, limiting, identifying the major reasons, confirming effectiveness and tacking corrective actions in the case of external or internal conflict in specifications or requirements. These attempts are made in order to continuously improve the system, guiding and performing these attempts, ensuring their effectiveness .
  • Homogenizing and presenting the methodology of establishment of continuous improvement culture and application of methods and instruments of continuous improvement for reduction in deviations and wastes and increase in efficiency of processes and units.
  • Developing a strategy and creating a proper structure and system for preparation and development of commercial design (strategic design) and improvement of financial-operational performance and also cases related to customer.
  • Devising a method for measuring organizational current processes and presenting necessary reports to management for improvement in processes.
  • Establishing and devising a system for ensuring the execution of under control and valid documents in organization.